Kyle Kniceley is a Sound Designer and Music Producer for Trailers and Television.  With a focus on emotion, energy and mood Kyle creates dynamic cinematic and hybrid music.  Along with traditional genres and modern sound design his work often fuses Electronic, Dramatic, Rock, Metal, Industrial, EDM and Pop elements in different creative ways.  Kyle's music ranges from ethereal ambient atmospheres to skull crushing Industrial Trailer Cues.  Kyle's music has been featured by FOX, Disney, MTV, CBS, Discovery, NFL, NBC, Universal and more.
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You can listen to Music Here.

Sound Design used for IDR Trailer Published by Theta Sound Music

Walt disney studios the finest hours banner

Sound Design Cue 'Azimuth' used for Disney's "The Finest Hours"

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New Theta Sound release! FROM THE BOWELS

Huge hybrid perdc

Gothic Storm's Toolworks Newest Release

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