Badass Buddy Action!!

I'm happy to have collaborated with Christoph Allerstorfer on this Gothic Hybrid release!!

New Trailer Album DISSONANT GRAVITY released!!

I am very excited to announced my latest solo album DISSONANT GRAVITY published by Gothic Hybrid!!

This is a Dark Space Sci-Fi trailer album packed with synths, unique sound design elements and percussion. 

Sound Design used for INSIDIOUS 4

Very happy to be part of the INSIDIOUS 4 campaign!  Sound design off of the "From the Bowels" horror album was used.  Thanks to Theta Sound Music!

Slivered Sanity released by Cypher Trailer Music

I'm so happy to be aboard this year in the making album!  Industrial Metal Songs for trailers!!  Guitars, beats, drums, bass, synths and riffs with amazing vocal performances!



I am very excited to have sound design as part of the FLATLINERS campaign!!


Trailerized SFX released by Gothic Storm!

I'm excited to be a part of this Trailerized SFX album of all kinds of massive and scary sounds.  Everything was made by sound designers using original sounds and processed to become HUGE and intense SFX.

New shows and network added!

I'm very excited to share that France's C8 network is using music for "Cash Island"


Oxygen's "The Dissapearance of Natalee Holloway" is also using cues for their production.