Kyle's Story

From comics to composing...

Kyle was born in Warsaw, Indiana in 1977 and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  Like many kids growing up in the '80's, Kyle loved comics, video games, Saturday morning cartoons, tv shows and movies.  Oddly enough all of those things have music in common.  At a young age he showed great interest in many styles of music, learning the saxophone first, but the obsession was rock, metal and the guitar.  Finally, after years of playing sax in many school ensembles and traveling with a jazz band, he bought his first electric guitar.

The switch had been flipped.

After years of lessons, writing, fiddling around and playing in his first band, Kyle went off to study Audio Engineering and learn how to make records.  Spending time in the many studios with all the gear over the years had a narcotic effect, he just couldn't learn enough.  Several more years of pursuing computer based recording, sequencing, virtual instruments, DAWS, gathering gear, lots of shows and a few bands later he saw the opportunity of a lifetime... 

To write music for picture.  It was truly freeing.  To have the ability to create any style of music on any given day and to have a career doing it?  A no brainer!

Having an infectious hobby become your job is one of the best things that can happen to a person, especially a musician and creative one.

Since making the decision to pursue music as a career, Kyle's music has been featured by NBC, Universal, The NFL, CBS, MTV, and Discovery.  And the list is growing.  After several years of writing production music for many publishers, he now turns his attention towards another aspect of the music business...Trailer Music and Sound Design.  Now with several trailer credits under the belt and some experience with original sound design the possibilities are endless!

Please join Kyle on this journey and listen to the music.  You can contact Kyle about custom music, sound design or licensing anytime.